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Aisle Containment Solutions By Cool Shield

Cool Shield is known for offering their customers industry-leading, high-efficiency hot aisle containment and cold aisle containment solutions for both new and existing data centers. Their systems are designed to keep servers and other sensitive electronics at their recommended operating temperatures for maximum performance, cooling efficiency and life of the equipment. Properly implemented solutions allow our customers to enjoy lower data center operating costs and a significant return on investment.

Cool Shield aisle containment panels provide a near complete seal to prevent the mixing of supply and exhaust air. They also offer a very clean and impressive aesthetic, especially when used with clear panels. A variety of options are all supported by the versatile Cool Shield channel. The channel can be used to fully frame the channel or it can be used to hang the aisle containment panels for a more seamless look. In either case, a multitude of brackets, gaskets and mounting hardware allow for adapting to nearly any aisle size, obstructions or site conditions. Whether your facility is implementing a cold aisle or a hot aisle, containment panels are available to meet a wide range of budget and fire rating requirements. Light weight, clear twin-wall options are very cost effective and are ASTM E84 Class A rated to exceed NFPA 75 guidelines. Solid polycarbonate (UL94) and FM Global rated panels are crystal clear to allow high visibility to cables, pipes and other equipment. Metal options are available, which can be powder coated nearly any color can also be used.

The Cool Shield sliding and hinged aisle containment doors are handsome and resilient alternatives for closing the entry to your hot or cold aisle. Door frames are constructed of tubular steel for maximum strength and durability. Frames are powder coated to match the color of the server cabinets. Each door features a generous clear insert to provide light and visibility into the aisle. Standard inserts are UL94 rated but inserts are also available in FM Global and ASTM E84 ratings. Headers and side extensions can adapt our standard door sizes to function with nearly any aisle size.
The Cool Shield Containment Ceiling Panels are an excellent solution for cold aisle containment (CAC). Especially if there are high ceilings and/or over cabinet obstructions. The panels span across the tops of cabinets to isolate the supply air in the cold aisle. This promotes for high efficiency cooling. The challenge with ceiling panels is obstructing the fire suppression release. Cool Shield features several solutions for accommodating this. Solutions include melt away panels, fusible links and electromagnetic releases. Our lightweight panels are clear for high light transmission and feature the highest fire ratings in the industry.

Cool Shield Structure is more than just an effective aisle containment system, it is a support structure for all of your server cabinet infrastructure. Unlimited configurability allows for systems customized for your unique application.

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