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Albér Continuous Load Units – CLU

Albér Continuous Load Units – CLU | LeftSideView
Albér Continuous Load Units – CLU | FeatureInfographics
Albér Continuous Load Units – CLU | FeatureInfographics

The Continuous Load Unit provides the load during a capacity test and can be used with the BCT-2000, the BDS-256XL monitor or as a standalone with the Manual Control Box. Load Units are configured for 120V or 240V AC inputs. Design of the resistance elements enable small increment load adjustments through the entire capacity test.


  • ​Mounted on lockable, hard rubber casters for portability.
  • Computerized control secures safe testing.
  • Standard units are available from 21VDC to 270VDC. Each CLU is housed in an aluminum enclosure with expanded metal sides and top for excellent ventilation.
  • The conservative rating of the load resistors and the fan cooling system keep the frame from reaching excessive temperatures.
  • All continuous load devices are rated in constant current, but can be used for constant power testing when used with the Albér BCT-2000 battery capacity test system.

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